Who we are

An Innovative Alliance. Data Security, Discovery, Digital Forensics, Disaster Recovery, Litigation Support and Management Solutions Under One Umbrella.

The Data Discovery Alliance was created with the focused purpose of providing elite services across the numerous solutions needs that span the fields of data defense and discovery. OPTiMO IT and mainstream formed this one of a kind team with the understanding that to truly provide clients with the array of solutions necessary to meet this goal it would require several companies to combine their areas of expertise spanning numerous capabilities. The result is the Data Discovery Alliance. A partnership uniquely capable of serving their clients as a one-stop shop for data defense and discovery solutions in the diverse fields of data security, network forensics, eDiscovery, Digital Forensics, Litigation Support and Management.

  • Network Security & Root Cause Analysis

    Mainstream provides expert IT security and digital forensic resources. To that end, Mainstream advises clients on intellectual property protection and identifies, addresses and manages security breaches. Mainstream security and network forensics professionals possess a successful track record of securing critical data for enterprise clients. From assessing security risks, to established proper security controls to ensure network integrity, Mainstream is the dynamic layer of protection enterprise's rely upon to anticipate and proactively respond to any data threat.

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  • eDiscovery & Digital Forensics

    OPTiMO Digital Forensics is a leading eDiscovery and Digital Forensics practice offering vast knowledge and extensive background in the acquisition, processing, examination and analysis of digital evidence. OPTiMO conducts its eDiscovery and Digital Forensics investigations in a state-of-the-art laboratory run by highly skilled experts. With experience ranging from civil litigation to high crimes, OPTiMO Digital Forensics provides clients with definitive eDiscovery and Digital Forensics solutions.

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What we do

Our philosophy has a proven track record in the federal workspace and, as a basis for delivering complex solutions to the largest agencies, a history of success. We are now determined to bring this background and our depth of digital capabilities and solutions to global enterprises with the same level of unified commitment that has made each our companies individually successful.

    • Internal audits for email policy, security, trade secrets, IP and misappropriation
    • Employee departure
    • General Security assessment
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Penetration testing
    • Wireless assessments
    • Social engineering
    • Web application testing
    • Data security assessment
    • Log analysis/management
    • Firewall rule base audit
    • Compliance gap analysis
    • ESI data analysis
    • Evidence collection/retention (various sources at multiple locations)
    • Case management software development
    • System forensics
    • Network forensics
    • Mobile device forensics
    • GPS forensics
    • Malware analysis
    • Security program development
    • Risk-threat analysis
    • Security compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, NIST)
    • Remote Hosted eDiscovery review
    • Scanning coding for eDiscovery
    • eDiscovery processes/protocols compliance assessments
    • Assist and counsel on Federal Rules governing e-discovery including FRCP 16,26, 33,34, 37, and 45
    • Early Data Assessment
    • Lexis/Nexis LAW PreDiscovery
    • eDiscovery preparedness assessment
    • Secure chain-of-custody and storage methodologies
    • Data collection, including file and email format conversion
    • Advanced keyword and metadata searches
    • De-duplication and filtering for redundant information
    • Provide analysis, updates, and newsletters
    • Vendor management
    • Exhibit production
    • Conduct holistic diagnostic audits for billing, compliance with litigation protocols and risk management
    • Bates Stamping
    • Expert Witness services
    • Document review
    • Privilege Review
    • Project management
    • Preservation letter drafting (pre-litigation)
    • Aid in taking/defending depositions or drafting Motions/Responses related to eDiscovery
    • Litigation hold strategies/preservation
    • Presentation of evidence in accordance with new Rules of Civil Procedure
    • Deposition Support
    • HIPPA Compliant environment

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